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500 Yoga Gurus and Students Will Unite In 1 Stadium To Celebrate Yoga for Health and Happiness. This Sunday, on 17th July 2022, 7:30am onwards at Sree Kanteerava Stadium, Bengaluru. Let’s come together and witness unity!


Yogathon2022© is the world’s largest yoga and health movement that aims to enable the youth to take charge of their health. Taking place across 26 districts of Karnataka on January 15th 2023 where you get the opportunity to be one among the 10 lakh+ participants in the main event, which is aiming at 2 crore (Physical and Digital) reach.
Yogathon2022 was announced on June 21, 2022, on the International Day of Yoga.

2 pillars of Yogathon2022©

  1. Tie-up with Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga (MDNIY) and Yoga Certification Board, Govt of India (YCB) to promote Yoga literacy across the State. Under this scheme –
    a. MDNIY has offered to train and provide for YCB Level 1 certification for Yoga Instructors through the appointment of AYUSH TV as a PrCB (Personnel Certificate Body accredited by YCB). This certification is based on successful online assessment and payment of a nominal fee of Rs. 1,500+GST to YCB through the Yogathon2022 portal (significantly reduced fees and a relatively easy process of getting certified). YCB certifications are now an important component in employment opportunities in the Govt and private sector.
    b. Anyone enthusiast can register for the ‘Yoga for Wellness’ Volunteer Certification program of YCB at Yogathon2022 portal and get YCB certified at nominal charge of Rs. 100+GST.
    c. Any YCB certified Yoga Instructor who enrolls 150+ participants in Yogathon2022 is eligible for an award of Rs. 10,000 on successful participation in the MDNIY-YCB program of Yogathon2022 project.

  2. DYES, GOK is organizing a Guinness World Record (GWR) attempt on  January 15th 2023 for the largest number of people performing Yoga-Asana at the same time across 60 locations in Karnataka. All successful participants in this program will get a GWR certificate in their name – a lifetime opportunity. Successful participation in GWR is also an important criterion for YCB certification. Click here to know more

Yogathon2022 Youth QUIZ Program

Youth quiz on the topic of Yoga & Wellness across the entire school fraternity of Karnataka: Youth focussed Yoga, Wellness, and sustainability Quiz will be held in stages across the entire state of Karnataka 
  • online quiz test for all school students who have registered for the Yogathon2022 project on the portal – either directly or through their school (Institutions), 
  • All students who pass the 60% qualifying marks through their schools will participate in a physical quiz contest organized under the supervision of the DDPI at a district-designated venue,
  • Top 3 teams from each district will be eligible for the preliminary round of the State-Level Quiz contest – a total of #93 teams (31×3)
  • Top 20 students will be eligible for the final state-wide round.  
Benefits of youth yoga quiz 


  • Individual Certificate of participation – for successful school outcomes in the online written test
  • School certificate of participation in the District level Quiz. 
  • Trophy for the Schools (Winner & Runner-up prize) who are District winners. 
  • Rewards program for the District Level student winners. 
  • School certificate of participation for the State level Quiz. 
  • Rewards program for the winners of the State level contest 
  • Trophy for the Schools (Winner, 1st runner up, and 2nd runner up) at State-Level.
  • The District and State level quiz contest will be covered on all TV channels in the state of Karnataka on Ayush TV & Siri Kannada.
  • Participating schools will get covered for their focus on the Yoga & Wellness of their students in the TV Channels partnering with Project Yogathon2022. 

Who can participate in Yogathon2022©?

You can participate in Yogathon2022© as:

1. An Institution:

The Government of Karnataka is conducting Yogathon2022© , the world’s largest yoga and health movement.

The New Education Policy (NEP 2020) has made Yoga compulsory in the curriculum. Yoga has also now been recognized as a Sport by Govt of India.
Take a step forward and adapt to the change!


Get Ready for Yogathon2022©
Make your school proud by participating in the world’s largest yoga and health movement.

Schools Participating in the Yogathon2022© will receive an institutional certificate from the organizers of the event. The schools with 300+ registered students are also permitted to display their institution’s banner at the Guinness World Record venue which increases their visibility and marketing credibility. Participating schools that enrolled a minimum of 300 paying volunteers can get themselves the designation of a YCB-certified Yoga Center under this project.

Benefits for schools from Yogathon2022©

  • Schools can train their teachers to become YCB-certified Yoga Instructors at a nominal cost of Rs.1500 + GST.
  • Schools will receive Rs.10,000 for every 100 students who participate in Yogathon2022.
  • Schools Participating in the Yogathon2022© will receive an institutional certificate
  • Schools with 300+ registered students get a chance to display banners at Guinness World Record Venue
  • Participating schools enrolling at least 300 paid volunteers to get the designation of a YCB-certified Yoga Center.
  • YCB courses at discounted rates for one entire year. 
  • The students and teachers are offered education and training support from AYUSH-TV for all YCB-related Yoga Courses.
  • Participating schools will get covered for their focus on the Yoga & Wellness of their students in the TV Channels partnering with Yogathon2022.    
  • Schools will receive a certificate of participation in the District level Quiz and State Level Quiz.
  • Schools participating in the Yoga Youth Quiz can stand a chance to win trophies (Winner, first runner-up, and second runner-up) at the District and State levels.


Get Ready for Yogathon2022©
Empower yourself by participating in the world’s largest Yoga and Health movement. Making you healthier, happier and more productive.
A brighter future is awaiting you!

Join the Yogathon2022© activities 

Engage in regular YOGA practice. Reach out to us if you need instructors. Contact us on 080-69043800 and we will align you with qualified Yoga Instructors for your students and faculty. Let us all work towards a healthy and productive Karnataka.

Register your Institution for Yogathon2022© at under the “Institution” section –

Benefits for Colleges from Yogathon2022©

• Colleges can enroll Sports teacher/ faculty for YCB Yoga Instructor exam (1 for every 100 students).
• The college can earn upto Rs. 10,000 for every Rs. 1,770 spend on teacher fees payment for YCB Yoga Instructor certificate program,.
• College will get a chance to display its college banner at the Guinness World Record (GWR) Attempt venue. It will also get a participation trophy and certificate for participating at the GWR Attempt program.
• Colleges can enroll minimum 500 students in the Yogathon GWR Attempt and become eligible for YCB Yoga Centre program. Against an annual fee of Rs. 25,000 – eligible and participating colleges can apply for YCB Yoga Centre certification without any fee (waived specially under the Yogathon project).
• This will allow the colleges to promote Yoga among its students for a whole year. YCB accreditation will add tremendous value to the college’s reputation and its focus on the health of its student fraternity.
• The benefits of National Education Policy (NEP-2020) will accrue to the participating College/ University students. They can focus on Yoga course teaching as per YCB syllabi and AyushTV-PrCB will be there partner for conducting the examination and helping facilitate YCB certification for its students.

Private and Public Yoga Institutes:
A unique opportunity to get a YCB level 1 Yoga Trainer certificate under the Yogathon2022© project. Please review the details here.

2. Yoga Instructors:

Under the MDNIY-YCB scheme being implemented through the Dept of Youth Empowerment and Sports, Govt of Karnataka, any of the following can apply for becoming a Yoga Instructor: 

  • Existing Yoga Trainer/ Instructor who is not YCB Certified.
  • After a successful online assessment by Ayush TV (appointed as PrCB of YCB, Govt of India), the participants will be eligible for YCB Level 1 Yoga trainer certificate.
  • Existing School Sports teachers/ PT Teachers – who are today not certified for Yoga Instruction – will be trained by Yoga Instructors from KYSA (and/ or other members) and then they can apply for online assessment by Ayush TV PrCB and get YCB Level 1 Yoga trainer certificate.
  • Anyone else – who is a Yoga enthusiast and wants to become a Yoga Instructor. 

3. Participant:

Benefits for Participants in Yogathon2022©

  • The Successful participants will receive a certificate of participation from the Guinness World Record.
  • Opportunity to participate in the Swami Vivekanand Self Help Group (SHG) scheme of Govt of Karnataka, which provides a start-up capital support of Rs. 10L for each Youth SHG, further support under the Start-Up India scheme.
  • Free Start-up tool kit from various Technology, Fin-Tech, and Communication companies.
  • Become a YCB-certified youth that contributes to your employment prospects in Govt and Private sectors.

Join the Guinness World Record (GWR) attempt in your district, and get a life-time chance of getting a Guinness Certificate in your name (register on the Yogathon2022© portal now under the “Institution” category.

Government P.E. teachers

Benefits for Government P.E. teachers from Yogathon2022©

  • Government P.E. teachers are offered complete assistance in getting educated and trained on Yoga – free of cost – from Ayush TV.
  • Reimbursement of the YCB Fees for those P.E. teachers who successfully pass the YCB examination.

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