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500 Yoga Gurus and Students Will Unite In 1 Stadium To Celebrate Yoga for Health and Happiness. This Sunday, on 17th July 2022, 7:30am onwards at Sree Kanteerava Stadium, Bengaluru. Let’s come together and witness unity!


The event has multiple activities under its ambit.

Key focus is on Youth in schools, Colleges and Institutions/ Universities.

It has two key areas —

  1. Focus on making Karnataka, India’s first Yoga literate state. Towards this end, there is a scheme from Dept of Youth Empowerment and Sports, Govt of Karnataka to train upto 10,000 people as YCB Level-1 Yoga Instructors, and, upto 10,00,000 youth as YCB certified for Yoga for Wellness program. It is about Health and Happiness
  2. Focus on promoting Youth empowerment through Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment programs. Under the Chief Minister’s Swami Vivekananda Yuva Shakti Yojana (SVSY) program, upto 6,000 self-help-groups (SHGs) will get state funding to promote their entrepreneurial ideas.

Various components of Yogathon2022:

  1. Tie-up with Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga (MDNIY) and Yoga Certification Board, Govt of India (YCB) to promote Yoga literacy across the State. Under this scheme –
    1. MDNIY has offered to train and provide for YCB Level 1 certification for Yoga Instructors through the appointment of AYUSH TV as a PrCB (Personnel Certificate Body accredited by YCB). This certification is based on successful online assessment and payment of a nominal fee of Rs. 1,500+GST to YCB through the Yogathon2022 portal (significantly reduced fees and a relatively easy process of getting certified). YCB certifications are now an important component in employment opportunities in the Govt and private sector.
    2. Any enthusiast can register for the ‘Yoga for Wellness’ Volunteer Certification program of YCB at Yogathon2022 portal and get YCB certified at nominal charge of Rs. 100+GST.
    3. Any YCB certified Yoga Instructor who enrolls 100+ participants in Yogathon2022 is eligible for an incentive scheme of upto Rs. 10,000 on successful participation in the MDNIY-YCB program of Yogathon2022 project (terms and conditions apply).
  2. DYES, GOK is organizing a Guinness World Record (GWR) attempt for the largest number of people performing Yoga-Asana at the same time across 30 locations in Karnataka. All successful participants in this program will get a GWR certificate in their name – a lifetime opportunity. Successful participation in GWR is also an important criterion for YCB certification.
The attempt of the World’s largest Yoga class across Karnataka was successfully completed and is now currently under audit by the Guiness team for validation of the participants. Since it was a multi-location activity, Guiness team’s rigorous validation process is underway we should conclude this by mid-February and then share the certificate with Everyone. Thanking you for your patience and understanding of the matter.

Bus facility – in limited form – will be provided by the District Administration on the day of the GWR. At pre-identified points, there will be bus available to transport participants from the school/ college to the GWR venue.

  • Payment for GWR participation certificate is voluntary.
  • There is no other option of participation certificate available under Yogathon2022; to give any kind of certificate – one needs to have the authority to give it. Yogathon2022 is a project/ program name, it is not any kind of certification body.
  • DYES, Govt of Karnataka is the organizer of the program. It is a Govt department and does not give participation certificates to program attendees.
  • Bulk registration option is available for Institutions only, at the Yogathon2022 portal. Purpose of ‘bulk’ registration is to help people upload data of interested candidates without the hassle of ‘individual’ uploads.
  • There is nothing called registration for GWR. GWR is a public event, where anyone can walk-into the venue so long as he/ she can assure the organizers that he/ she is well versed in the ‘Yoga for Wellness’ protocol. Note: If more than 2% of the participants at any venue perform ‘wrong’ Yoga Asana, the whole location will get disqualified. No it is recommended that ‘trained’ and ‘practiced’ people should only perform in GWR attempt.
  • Registration on the portal is for MDNIY-YCB scheme registration; it is not for GWR participation. Registration details of the MDNIY-YCB scheme will also be used for GWR venue entry and verification (QR code and other details). MDNIY-YCB scheme allows participants to get trained in the ‘Yoga-for-Wellness (YFW)’ protocol as part of the YWR YCB Certification program – which – in turn will ensure that such participants perform properly at the GWR attempt program as well.
  • Yogathon2022 is about Yoga Literacy, it is not only about GWR attempt. GWR Attempt is just one criterion of getting YCB certificate under the MDNIY-YCB Scheme offered by Govt of Karnataka.
  • GWR Attempt is one of the eligibility criterion of getting YCB certification under the DYES, GoK event.
  • The course belongs to MDNIY (Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga), an autonomous body under Ministry of AYUSH, Govt of India.
  • The certification belongs to YCB (Yoga Certification Board).
  • The course name is ‘Yoga for Wellness’.
  • For Instructors, they get the YCB level-1 certificate for Yoga Instructors – whereas – for students/ participants, they get the ‘Yoga for Wellness’ 36hr Yoga volunteer certificate from YCB.
  • GWR attempt will be done under the ‘Yoga for Wellness’ volunteer program – the syllabus is same for both.

There is a scheme to promote Yoga Literacy from the Dept of Youth Empowerment & Sports, (DYES), Govt of Karnataka. Under this scheme, a YCB (Yoga Certification Board of Govt of India) certified Yoga Instructor – if he trains a minimum of #100 students – and they pass the “Yoga for Volunteer (YFV)” course of YCB successfully, gets a benefit of Rs. 10,000. So the critical thing(s) here are – (a) min 100 students, (b) students PASSING the YFV course of YCB. “Passing’ the YFV course of YCB involves the following:

  • Completing all aspects of the 25hr course.
    • Attending the 3hr orientation of the course every weekend (Saturday), starting from Dec 31 weekend onwards.
    • Practicing the Yoga for Wellness protocol – either under an Instructor/ or by self/ or by watching the Yoga Episode from 6:30 to 7:30am everyday in the morning on AYUSH TV channel; total of 18hrs.
    • Self-study and practice of 4hrs.
  • For course completion, the student has to pay Rs. 100+GST to YCB, given an online assessment test, and, perform a practical of the protocol. Successful completion of all the three constitutes completion of the course.
  • Successful completion by a minim of #100 students makes the Instructor eligible for the incentive amount of Rs. 10,000. To ensure that the Instructor does not loose out on the incentive because of mid-course drop-out(s), we have suggested that effort should be to enroll more than #100 students – say #120. Hence the cap of 121 on every QR code.

If in any Institution, there are more than 100 students, then the registration may be done under different Instructor names – so that the benefit of the ‘incentive’ can be taken by two or more people. EG: A Higher Education institution in Karnataka has enrolled 15,000 students under Yogathon2022 project – under the names of 100 different Instructors.

  • For practicing the “Yoga-for-Wellness” protocol, the enthusiasts can go to the Weekly Yoga practice at the District Sports stadiums OR do It at their places. There is no compulsion to visit the Stadiums every week. The DYES, GOK has organized for weekly Sunday morning Yoga practice at all stadiums with trained Yoga Instructors.
  • The default location for the Guinness World Record attempt (GWR) is also the District Sports Stadiums. If the participant registrations go up and the Stadiums are not large enough to accommodate all participants, then the District Administration will make alternate venue arragements. All people registered on Yogathon2022 portal will be informed thru SMS/ Whatsapp – their designate GWR attempt venue 1 week in advance.
  • For any queries, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Yogathon2022 project office at 080-69043800 OR contact the District Sports Administration (their office is usually located at the District Sports Stadium complex itself)
  • The focus program is the “Yoga-For-Wellness” protocol. All the Yoga protocols are listed on the portal (; it is also available at various Youtube channels of MDNIY (Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga); Yoga episodes are also being telecast everyday in the morning from 6:30 to 7:30am on AYUSH TV channel.
  • Please feel free to study from any medium/ method.
  • There is no provision of any travel allowance to anyone under this program.
  • The Institutions will practice Yoga with their students at their own premises; if they require assistance of trained Yoga Instructors – the same will be provided through the Karnataka Yoga-Asana Sports Association (KYSA).
  • Instructors are free to use public parks/ stadiums/ their own premises to teach Yoga to their students under the MDNIY-YCB scheme.
  • For the day of Guinness World Record (GWR) attempt, the District administration will come forward to organize bus transport services to the venue of GWR from a few locations in the District. Details of the same will be made available about 1 week before the GWR attempt date.

QR code and Referral code always gets generated whenever registration is done by any Institution. For receipt of the same, person details of the Institution need to be properly filled-up with proper mobile number. If the problem still persists, please contact the helpdesk @ 080-69043800.

  • There are different kinds of certificates. They are available on nominal payment and are not free. Focus is not certification, it is learning YOGA.
  • For those people who want a certificate from Yoga Certification Board (YCB) for the ‘Yoga-for-Wellness’ (YFW), a nominal payment of Rs. 100+GST has to be made on the Yogathon portal apart from complying with other terms-and-conditions.
  • For those people who want the YCB Level 1 Instructor certificate, for Yoga Instructors, a payment of Rs. 1,500+GST has to be made on the Yogathon portal apart from complying with other terms-and-conditions.
  • For those people who have successfully participated in the Guinness World Record Attempt (GWR) and are keen to get a GWR certificate in their name, a nominal payment will have to be made on the Yogathon portal – post the GWR attempt, we shall reach out to all successful participants and share these details with them.

The Yoga Instructor applies for the YCB Level-1 certificate that designates him as a Yoga Instructor. Yoga Certification Board (YCB), Govt of India is the only Government body under Ministry of AYUSH, Govt of India which is tasked with standardization of Yoga certifications and its certificate carries universal acceptance. The Instructors have to pay Rs. 1500+GST on the Yogathon portal for this certificate eligibility.

The students/ enthusiasts/ participants – who study under the Yoga Instructor – are eligible for the course of ‘Yoga for Wellness’ volunteer program. YCB has a certification for this program as well. The participants have to pay a fee of Rs. 100+GST on the Yogathon portal for this certification eligibility.

  • YCB Certification programs are explained above.
  • Registration is to be done on the Yogathon2022 portal; there is no separate registration to be done on the YCB portal for the same.
  • AYUSH TV Pvt Ltd, is an accredited PrCB of YCB and it operates the Yogathon2022 portal. And all participants registering on the Yogathon2022 portal do not have to re-register on YCB.