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500 Yoga Gurus and Students Will Unite In 1 Stadium To Celebrate Yoga for Health and Happiness. This Sunday, on 17th July 2022, 7:30am onwards at Sree Kanteerava Stadium, Bengaluru. Let’s come together and witness unity!


In a rapidly changing world, today’s youth lack the necessary guidance, which leads them to choose a mediocre life or one burdened with expectations and standards imposed by society and parents. As a result, young people become trapped in the never-ending rat race and lose sight of their true potentials and personal goals. Being a strong democracy and one of the world’s youngest countries, India’s youth are crucial in establishing the groundwork for the nation’s future as innovators, creators, builders, and leaders of the future. To achieve this, we must make investments in young people’s education and health, give them a forum to share their ideas, and defend and uphold their legal rights.

What our Youth Entrepreneurship Platform is trying to do?

  • Yuvotsava, which focuses on entrepreneurship and youth empowerment, will help young people develop a sense of self-confidence that makes them resourceful and reliable.
  • At the district and regional levels, seminars and presentations will be held on the many government programmes available for self-employment and youth empowerment.
  • Additionally, this will give young people a forum to express their creative concepts and a way to find investors for their start-up businesses.
  • Since appreciation has a positive impact and boosts motivation among youth, there will be Youth Innovation Awards to recognise young people who have had success with their startup ideas.